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Good news! We can help you through our partnership with Bark.

Bark is an innovative, award winning app, that reviews emails, text messages, and all major social media sites that your child uses to detect potential issues related to cyberbullying, sexting, drug/alcohol related content, online predators, and signs of depression. Bark alerts you if/when an issue is detected. 

Through funding from the Highmark Foundation, Pennsylvania parents can sign up for Bark free for one year (typically Bark is $9/month). If you are outside of PA, Bark offers a free 7 day trial (

Getting Started:

  1. Click the link below to start enrollment by taking a 3 minute anonymous survey about  your family’s online usage
  2. On the survey end page, click the link to go to Bark’s CHPDP homepage, and **IMPT** scroll down to the bottom link to click the “Enroll Now” button. This link has the free code.
  3. On the Enrollment/Sign Up Page:
    • Create a unique user name and password to access your Bark™ account, then check the boxes to agree to the usage terms
    • Click the “Try it Free” to connect your child’s social network, text message, email accounts, etc.
      (This is the step that will take the longest depending on your child’s social media accounts.)

      • We recommended setting up Bark together with your child(ren). It is easiest to use a laptop to enroll.
      • If at any point you have trouble setting up your Bark account, there are links to contact Bark’s IT reps.


If you have questions, please contact
Did you know…..according to data collected by Bark:













Still have Q’s about Bark? Watch this brief video to learn more about how wonderful it is.

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