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Do you have a child aged 12-17 who has experienced cyberbullying in the past year?

Pitt + ME, the research arm of the University of Pittsburgh, has a new study that might interest you….

The imHere4U Research Study is enrolling children ages 12-17 who have experienced cyberbullying in the past year.

If your child has disclosed being cyberbullied to a parent or trusted adult, he/she may be able to participate in a study to improve coping and reduce the mental health impacts of cyberbully.

If you are interested, please visit:

Study Design:
Children ages 12-17, along with parent

Duration: Up to 4 visits in one year
Location: By phone or video call
Compensation: Yes
Principle Researcher: Candice Biernesser, PhD, LCSW

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Did your kids get a new smart device over the holidays?

If so, sign up for Bark, free for one year, and help keep them safer online! Go to for more information and to sign up Here’s why you need Bark– In partnership with schools and parents, Bark has: PROTECTED: 4.4 million children PREVENTED: 16 school shootings DETECTED: 20 thousand severe self-harm situations
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Parents are you worried about your child vaping? You should be.

Vaping is at an all time high among teens in the  United States and many youth don’t know the serious and potentially life threatening health problems that can occur as a result of vaping.  Visit How To Talk To Teens About Vaping for expert advice and help starting the conversation with your teens.  If your teen (or…
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School Nurses, Do you want some support managing chronic health conditions?

About 1 out of every 4 children between 2-8 years old have some type of chronic health need. Check out the CDC’s valuable page “Managing Chronic Health Conditions in Schools” for up to date information and research on how to best manage and support children with asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, food allergies and oral health issues. There…
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